Eat, sleep, work, repeat – NOT!

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein

All too soon, the Christmas decorations appear in the stores once again and we find ourselves wondering how another year sped by. 2016 has been quite a year with Brexit, Trump taking up residence in DC and here in SA, Thuli Madonsela and Pravin Gordhan standing out as pillars of hope in our all too fragile, new South Africa.

Leadership and personal development experts over the last few years have been fittingly communicating that we need to increase our levels of self-awareness and mindfulness to navigate the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) waters we find ourselves in. Dr Danny Penman in his book, Mindfulness for Creativity writes, “Understanding your own mind – and how it unwittingly ties itself in knots – is one of the central skills of mindfulness.”

Our team at Change Partners delights in making sense of the present and co-creating the future with our clients on a very personable level. In the Southern Hemisphere, we enjoy a good chunk of down time at the end of a calendar year but if we are not mindful we can fall into the trap of taking a well needed physical break without reviewing our patterns of thinking that are the true rudders of our lives. If we don’t accurately diagnose the way we are thinking and acting we are likely to repeat the cycle of: eat, sleep, work, repeat in 2017.

Living in our own heads without processing our thoughts with others can be likened to a hamster doing his gig on his wheel. Why not consider reviewing 2016 and plotting your course for 2017 with the assistance of a professional coach who is trained to listen out for the major threads, aspirations and concerns in your life. “Only when we see these habits of the mind clearly, and recognise the many ways in which we might fall into their traps, can we disengage from them and free ourselves from their power.” – Dr Danny Penman

Part of the journey we will guide you on with you will be include:

Celebrating the success 

It is important to pause at the end of a season in time and express gratitude for accomplishments and eat from the marrow of successful endeavours. Have you taken the time to capture why certain things really worked in 2016? What mindsets, habits and relationships underpinned your achievements this year?

Debriefing the setbacks

With the assistance of a guide it would be valuable to detox from and debrief troublesome moments in the year that are all too often still lingering in the conscious and sub-conscious mind. Grieving certain losses and failures are necessary if you want to advance. In a meaningful conversation, in a trust filled environment one can start to bring closure to some of the things that have the potential to keep us locked in our temporary failures and shortcomings. One of the skills of mindfulness is to be preoccupied with the present opportunities and not falling into the trap of being tortured by the past or anxious of the future.

Helping you locate your coordinates with regard to your career and personal life

If you are like me, you switch off your location setting on your phone to preserve battery life and data; however, when you need to use the navigation system on your phone you need to activate your location so that your phone can communicate with the satellites which are illuminating your path. It can take courage to pause and activate the location setting in your life but it essential to do it so that you can study your position on the journey.

Setting your compass for 2017

We might need assistance in changing the atmosphere in our minds and in our hearts so that we can proceed unhindered. Continuing with the metaphor of the navigation system, it is wonderful to discover with a thought-partner (coach) that there is more than one path to a desired destination. I have recently returned from my first visit to Dubai where I had to crisscross the city to attend various meetings. When consulting Google Maps on my phone I studied the alternate methods of getting to my location using a combination of taxi, walking and train. In the context of pursuing a goal is can be liberating to know that there is more than one route and a few modes of transport.

Special offer for past clients

As a past client of Change Partners, we offer a special rate for a package of four sessions for the purpose of planning your year ahead. You can contact you former Change Partners coach directly to discuss this offer.

Eat, sleep, co-create the future, repeat – A better way J

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