Partnering with players, coaches and parents to encourage and unlock peak performance through consulting with individual players, business leaders, coaches, schools clubs and universities.



One-on-One Peak Performance Coaching and Mentoring for Players, Coaches and Parents

Players/Coaches: 6 session package - R3000


  • Assessment
  • Customised Coaching/Development Plan
  • 5 Coaching Sessions
  • Email/Whatsapp Correspondence

One-on-One Peak Performance Coaching can be an effective method to improve your mental game, boost your performance, and make lasting changes.

Parents: 2 session package - R1000


  • Assessment
  • 1 Follow up consultation session
Sessions conducted over Skype/Web call or in person with Iain in the greater Rosebank Area, Johannesburg

Courses in ASP (Applied Sports Psychology)

Great athletes are not just physically strong, but mentally strong – particularly when facing competition. This course looks at the psychological factors that affect sport performance, and introduces you to 10 key concepts used in the field.

By the end of this program, the goal is that you will be able to work effectively with athletes in a one-on-one setting and inspire the teams you coach to new heights and levels of achievement.

You will receive my system for working with athletes and teams (or any “performer”) on the mental aspects of sports that I have developed over the last 20 plus years.

The peak performance coaching system is an eclectic one, based on many disciplines and mentors who taught me. I draw my work primarily from the fields of psychology, sports psychology, and physical education (Kinesiology), coaching science, motor learning, and counselling.

My goal is to simplify the concepts in sports psychology and teach you how to apply them with athletes. Your ability to help your athletes apply what you teach them is critical to their success. Dr Patrick Cohn – course author.

The main areas of mental game coaching that I teach in the course include:

  1. The phases of peak performance coaching
  2. Doing mental game assessments (AMAP, TCAP)
  3. Improving athletes’ mental game for performance enhancement.
  4. Improving practice efficiency and practice schedules
  5. Teaching game plans or strategies
  6. Improving team dynamics and communication
  7. Helping Coaches define and write a Coaching Philosophy
  8. Imparting leadership principles to Captains

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Leadership Consulting

Iain has extensive experience in leadership development, skilful change management, team dynamics, employee engagement, embedding new culture and strategy implementation. Iain has consulted to various organisations including Transnet Freight Rail, Investment Solutions (Alexander Forbes), Massmart (Cambridge Food), SARB (South African Reserve Bank) and BCX and Discovery Health.



Coaches and Captains



Process Focus Control



Discover your own unique Coaching Philosophy and Coaching Style and find out how to align it with you sports body. Grow in Team and Individual man management. Learn how to communicate and inspire your team to new levels of performance. Discover how to debrief and mine past performances for personal and team growth.

Teams and Captaincy/Leadership

Unlock the latent potential in your team through confirming individual roles and responsibilities, learn how to harmonise and synergise and the key ingredients of a High Performance Teams. Launch your captaincy and organisational leadership into a new realm.


We want to partner with you and enable you to become you child’s greatest cheerleader and mental and emotional supporter and guide. Allow us to introduce you to concepts and terms so that you and your child have a common vocabulary when it comes to training and navigating ‘big match days’


Take Individual and team assessments, so that you can ascertain where the key developmental areas are in terms of strengthening your mental game. The assessment ascertains where you and your coaches need to drill down and rewire your thinking for new levels of enjoyment and performance.

    Schools, Universites and Clubs

    Discover your collective Philosophy of Coaching in the context of your Schools and University’s Philosophy of Education. Discover the wonder and tension between individual coaching styles and a collective approach to coaching. Align as a Unit, Prioritise and Build for the future. We can consult to you on how to build collaboration between you and your school/club parent body


        The APPLIED SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY NETWORK launching a chapter in Johannesburg in January 2019. Become part of a network that inspires you to another level, shares best practice, regular Webinars, bi – weekly articles, more details to follow

            Business and Sport Talks

            Iain is a vastly experienced public speaker and communicator. He was a source of inspiration to members of the Springbok Rugby Team for 10 years, has published articles in the Business Day (SA leading daily Business Newspaper), Lectured for the University of Stellenbosch Business School.