iASP course 2018

Why Applied Sports Psychology?

To achieve outstanding results as a sportsman there are certain things that you need to master. You need outstanding technical skills - whether you are playing ball sports, a triathlete mastering the disciplines of swimming, cycling and running, or a boxer going into the ring against your arch rival for the title. You also need to be in peak physical condition. Most athletes invest the majority of their time sharpening their skills and ensuring that they are in tip-top condition to compete - but have not thought about mental preparation. Mental condition and mastery of their thinking is what sets certain athletes apart from the rest. Most coaches and athletes have not investigated and mastered the mental skill set necessary to excel in competition. In the ‘introduction to applied sports psychology’ course, I am going to introduce coaches and sportsmen to some of the most fundamental aspects of Applied Sports Psychology.

Who is the course for?

Players (High School and older), Coaches, Parents, Business Leaders wanting to build High Performance Teams By the end of this program, the goal is that you will be able to appreciate the basic elements of Applied Sports Psychology to lift your game as player, coach, parent and leader to another level.

The main areas of mental game that will be covered are:

1. Confidence

2. Process

3. Sprint and Persevere (short term focus and endurance)

4. Practice and Match Mindsets

5. Improving Team Dynamics and Communication

6. Helping Coaches define and write a Coaching Philosophy

7. Imparting leadership principles to Captains and Leaders

8. Smart and Inspiring Sport Parenting

Course Outline and Dates:

a. This pilot course will run for the month of November. Webinar Sessions: Wednesday the 7th, 14th, 21st, 28thof November
b. There will be 4 x 90 min, evening Webinars from 19:00 – 20:30, South African time (GMT +2)
c. Reading – participants are required to read the course material (approx. 2 hours a week). Additional articles will be distributed to build your library.
d. WhatsApp Group: students can also interact with each other via a WhatsApp group e. Networking and sharing of knowledge and building a fellowship of coaches, players and parents: so much learning takes place from interacting with fellow students. I hope that this will facilitate the building of mutually beneficial relationships and a network of players and coaches who can continue to grow as life-long learners within the context of a group of likeminded people.


Foundational: new levels of awareness, be inspired, read the course materials and attend the Webinars.
Level 1: do an additional phase of learning by completing an assessment on a sportsman, work with the sportsman for a month and complete a dynamic assignment to further apply and assimilate the learning. Additional reading list. This will follow on immediately after the Foundation Class. It is assignment based, no webinars! Assignment can be completed by end of 2018.
Level 2: February 2019, the next level of content, interactive workshops, practice and group work, case studies
ASPN: launching mid-November, the APPLIED SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY NETWORK. Become part of a network that inspires you to another level, shares best practice, regular Webinars, bi – weekly articles
One on one mentorship sessions in person or on Skype with: Julie (Qatar), Robert (Los Angeles), Heather and Greg (Perth, Australia) Andre (Florida USA and Johannesburg) and Iain (Johannesburg) are available on request.


Please note the different prices which reflect the diverse client base that THINCSPORT reaches. Prices for Africans are quoted in SA Rand and the rest of the world in USA Dollar. We believe that heaven smiles at the intersection of Pro Sport, Coaching and Youth Development.

Foundation Level 

High School/University Student – (Africa R 1500, Rest $ 200)
High School/University Coach and Youth Development Coach (Africa R 2500, Rest $ 250)
Team Packages – sign up 3 players/coaches and get the 4th for free o Professional – (Africa R 5000, Rest $ 500)
Nashua Shadowball, TagRUGBY and former student coupon ( Africa R 1500)

Level 1:

High School/University Student – (Africa R 1000, Rest $ 100)

High School Coach and Youth Development Coach - (Africa R 1500, Rest $ 150)

Professional – (Africa R 3000, Rest $ 300)

Nashua Shadowball, TagRUGBY and former student coupon ( Africa R 1500)

Level 2 and ASPN prices to be confirmed in November

Email Iain to find out more about, one on one coaching as athlete/coach, leadership and life coaching