The peak performance coaching system is a holistic and eclectic one, based on complementary disciplines. The content is rich and shaped and inspired by the work Iain Shippey has done in this field in the last decade, see Bio below. In addition Iain has gleaned critical insights and perspectives by immersing himself in the work of world leaders in the field: The Barca Innovation Hub, (the FC Barcelona Centre of Sports knowledge and innovation) and mentors like Dr. Patrick Cohn, a world leader for a few decades in the field of Sport Psychology, see

Thinc Sport is in an education partnership TuksSport and completing the Master Class will count towards credits on  the combined TuksSport and Thinc Sport Master Class where participants will get exposure to some of the incredible success achieved by the University of Pretoria HPC (High Performance Centre) and TuksSport who annually identify athletes capable of representing SA on the world stage in their respective disciplines. This will require just doing a few additional sessions to gain the additional certificate.

The goal is to impart the concepts and principles of peak performance to both athletes and coaches

The peak performance coaching system is based on a few complementary disciplines: sports psychology, executive coaching, coaching science, motor learning, leadership, and team theory, mentoring, counselling and basic NLP and Neuroscience

By the end of this Master Class, athletes will gain insight and self-awareness into how they can take their game to the next level and coaches, will be able to work more effectively with athletes in one-on-one setting and inspire the teams they coach to new heights and levels of achievement. Participants will receive insight and a system for working with athletes and teams (or any “performer”)

Content includes:

  1. Peak Performance Coaching and Assessment
  2. Confidence
  3. Process
  4. Different Approaches for different sports (Closed Skill, Racing, Ball, Team and Combat Sports)
  5. Focus
  6. Emotional Control
  7. Practice vs Match Day Mindsets
  8. Imagery
  9. Leadership
  10. Teams 

How you will benefit from the Master Class:

  1. Extraordinary Content
  2. Mentoring in a holistic and systematic approach to Peak Performance
  3. Weekly contact with an expert Faculty. Iain Shippey, Founder of Thincsport
  4. Guest Faculty and Input from International Coaches and Players
  5. Network with like-minded fellow students
  6. Certificates of attendance and participation

Practical Matters:

  1. Dates: First week of June, one evening per week, between 19:00 and 21:00. ( SA time)The night is decided by consultation with the class.
  2. Duration: 10 Topics, typically delivered 1 night per week for 5 consecutive weeks ( 2 topics per night).
  3. Method of Delivery:
  • Notes and PowerPoint Slides will be emailed to participants
  • Online: A combination of Facilitated Discussions, email, and WhatsApp
  • Face to face if there are enough students in a location in Gauteng
  1. Assignment: There will be an Assignment at the end of the Master Class, where Coaches will apply the theory to some of the players they are coaching.
  1. Cost: R 3000 per individual participant,  R 5000 for 2 coaches from the same school/club. R 8000 for 4 coaches.
  • If you are interested in attending this online master class - fill in the form below for more information on this Peak Performance Master Class!